No need to RSVP, but feel free to contact us at info@mbird.com with any questions. Spread the word!

Schedule will be as such:

Friday 1/13 at 7PM. “Never Tell Me the Odds: Expectation and Redemption (On Screen and Off)” – David Zahl. We’ll explore how the dynamic between judgment and love, demand and relief, wages and gift, plays out in both God’s world and Hollywood’s.

Friday 1/13 at 8PM.  “Seeing Upside Down, Pt. 1: The Down-and-Out Hero and Hollywood’s Love for the Lost” – Ethan Richardson. We’ll look at how lost rogues, bad kids, and demented lovers seem to get a lot of love in films (and why), talking mainly about God’s inverted economy.

Sat 1/14 at 10AM. “Seeing Upside Down, Pt. 2: The Beauty of Failure in Movies (and Life)” – Ethan Richardson. A deeper dive into the theology of the cross on the big screen, looking at how failures, weaknesses, and deaths act as a subversive moment for real hope to shine through.

Sat 1/14 at 11AM. “Roll Credits: Freedom, Grace, and the Neverending Sequel” – David Zahl. We’ll talk about humor, hope and happy endings.

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