Some details subject to change (and a few more additions in the works!)… Talk titles will be finalized in March.


7pm-ish — Special outing to Babette’s Feast, a new play based on the short story by Isak Dinesen, followed by a Q&A with the production’s developers. Click here to read more about the amazing source material, and here for a review of this exciting new production. Tickets are limited so email today to reserve yours.


5:30pm  —  Registration
7:00pm  —  Opening Devotion and Worship – Sarah Condon
7:30pm  —  RJ Heijmen
8:00pm  —  Dinner (catered by The Pixie and the Scout)


8:00am – Coffee and Registration
9:00am – Opening Devotion by Sarah Condon
9:15am – Morning Talks

  • Chad Bird
  • Jamin Warren

10:30 – Coffee Break
10:45 – Breakouts A

  • “I’m New Here! What’s Going On?” – Aaron Zimmerman
  • Alissa Wilkinson
  • “Grace for Those with Father Issues (AKA, Grace for Those with a Pulse)” – Dave Johnson
  • Not Weak on Sanctification: Christians Grow in Reverse” – Nick Lannon
  • Ethan Richardson

11:45am – Lunch
1:00pm – Jason Micheli in conversation with Fleming Rutledge
2:00pm – Breakouts B

  • Dorsey McConnell
  • Carrie Willard
  • “Weeds, Wheat and Stubborn Grace” – Daniel Emery Price
  • CJ Green

3:00pm – Breakouts C

  • Duo Dickinson
  • “Reading from Phases”Mischa Willett
  • “It is Good: Waiting for our New Creation” – Laurel Marr
  • Adam Morton

5:30pm – Drinks with Paul Zahl
6:30pm – Alan Jacobs speaks
7:30pm – Dinner catered by The Pixie and the Scout


8:15am  —  Coffee
9:00am  —  Devotion by Sarah Condon
9:10am —  Morning Talks

  • Tim Blackmon
  • Charlotte Getz and Stephanie Phillips

10:45am  —  David Zahl speaks
12:15pm  —  Book table closes

SUNDAY, APRIL 29th (Post-Conference)

11:00am — Jacob Smith preaches at Calvary Episcopal Church

MONDAY APRIL 30th (Post-Conference)

Commonweal in conversation with poet Christian Wiman