Debbie & Ellis Brazeal

  • Debbie & Ellis Brazeal

Ellis and Debbie Brazeal hail from Birmingham, AL, where they’re celebrating 30 years of marriage—well, they’re not celebrating some of the years— but at least the last 15 or so. Ellis is a lawyer and is constantly asked: “Can a lawyer actually be a Christian?” Ellis isn’t sure. He struggles with this and other issues on his blog—“Grace in All Things.” Debbie is a retired pediatric nurse who, armed with her Subaru, is now employed as an unpaid Uber driver—she’s constantly driving family (elderly parents) and non-family members where they need to go. She also cares for an elderly dog and three cats. And, even though they are empty-nesters, she is still a mom to two sons, a daughter, and a son-in-law—we’re all parents until we die (which is a good thing). Debbie, like Ellis, is a big believer in grace—grace that’s necessary for all people and all relationships—especially marriages.