NYC Conference Schedule

*some details subject to change

Thursday – April 27th

5:30pm —- Registration

5:45pm —- Same Old Song Live

7:00pm —- Devotion and Worship – The Guerra’s + Tanner Olson

7:30pm —- Opening Talk – David Zahl

8:15pm —- Cocktail hour

Friday – April 28th

8:00am —- Breakfast Buffet

9:00am —- Devotion and Worship  – The Guerra’s + Tanner Olson

9:30am —- Morning Talks

  • Sam Bush – Needlepoint Self-Help Pillows Are Nothing New, People
  • Sarah Hinlicky Wilson – Martin Luther’s Guide to Becoming a Saint in Five Easy Steps

10:50am —- Breakouts A

  • Katelyn Beaty – Celebrities! They’re Just Like Us
  • Dave Johnson – Grace for Those with Father Issues (aka Grace for Those with a Pulse)
  • Ken Sundet Jones – Help? No Thanks, I’m Good

12:00pm —- Lunch

1:15pm —- Afternoon Talk

  • Rina Raphael – The Gospel of Wellness

2:00pm —- Breakouts B

  • Kelsi Klembara – How to Be Perfect: A Very Helpful Plan to Becoming Your Best Self
  • Ken Jones – Receiving and Giving help; The essence of the Christian life
  • Ethan Magness – Jesus’s Sermon-BluePrint:  Why Redemptive Preaching is the Only Option 
  • Chris Domig & Sea Dog – The Stewardship of Stories & Why Theater matters

5:00pm —- Cocktail Hour

5:45pm —- Drinks with PZ

7:00pm —- MAGIC SHOW! – Jacob Greenwald

7:30pm —- Keynote Talk – Esau McCaulley

8:30pm —- Pizza Party!

9:30pm —- The EpiscoDisco – DJ JAZ

Saturday – April 29th

9:00am —- Breakfast Buffet

9:15am —- Devotion and Worship  – The Guerra’s + Tanner Olson

9:30am —- Morning Talks

  • Helena Dea Bala – “Shhhh…Can you keep a secret?”
  • Jono Linebaugh – “Of What Value Is It?” Honesty and Hope, “with a little help from my friend”—St. Paul

11:00am —- Coffee Break

11:15am —- Closing Talk – Todd Brewer

7:00pm —- Sea Dog Theatre – A reading of “The Humans” by Stephen Karam in the lower chapel *registration required, more details to come.