2:00pm — Pre-conference tour of “Tolkien: Maker of Middle Earth” Exhibit at the Morgan Library
5:15pm — Registration opens
5:30pm — Pre-conference live taping of The Mockingcast
7:00pm — Opening Devotion and Evening Talk: Ethan Richardson
8:00pm — Dinner (catered by The Pixie and the Scout)


8:00am — Coffee and Registration
9:00am — Devotion and Morning Talks: Carrie Willard and Jeff Mallinson
10:30 — Coffee Break
10:45 — Breakouts A

  • StoryMakers present: Imagination, Stories, and God — Melina Smith & co
  • Shooting Blanks: Baby Making in an Age of Anxiety — Ben Maddison
  • Living in Sin: Making Marriage Work Between I Do and Death — Jason Micheli
  • Love is stronger than Fear: Rethinking the Conversation about Privilege — Amy Julia Becker
  • I Died and Didn’t Go To Heaven: Grace, Grief, and the Big Question — Connor Gwin

12:00pm — Lunch
1:15pm — Afternoon Talk: Alfie Kohn
2:00pm — Breakouts B

  • Same Old Song: Live Recording and Q&A — Jacob Smith & Aaron Zimmerman
  • On Comic Books: Our Commonly Felt Need and the Search for Hope — Kyle Tomlin
  • When God Makes All Things Nude: Gospel Hope for Marriage When It’s Not All Princess Bride — Charlotte Getz
  • Judgment, Grace, and Rest in Flannery O’Connor — Will McDavid
  • Beyond Gold Stars: A Law/Gospel Approach to Pedagogy — Bryan Jarrell

3:00pm — Breakouts C

  • Why Me Lord: A Brief Look at the Scoundrels, Buffoons, and Ne’er Do Well’s Whom God Pursues in the Parables — Erick Sorensen
  • Be Your Worst Self — Stephanie Phillips
  • Orange is the New Blessing — Debbie Griffith
  • An Ego’s End: Where Grace Intersects Us — Josh Retterer
  • Sleeping in Church: A Short Story About a Sign from God — CJ Green

5:30pm — Drinks with PZ
6:30pm — Seculosity launches! David Zahl speaks and signs books
7:30pm — Dinner
9:30pm — Boogie down at The EpiscoDisco with DJ JAZ!


8:15am — Coffee
9:00am — Devotion and Morning Talks: Leslie Jamison, Sarah Condon & Nick Lannon
12:15pm — Book table closes

6pm — StoryMakers Launch Party (Post-Conference)

SUNDAY, APRIL 28th (Post-Conference)

11:00am — Worship at Calvary Episcopal Church