Andy Squyres

  • Andy Squyres

Andy Squyres is a musician, writer and pastor who lives in Charlotte, North Carolina. Andy and his wife Amy have been married for 27 years and have six wonderful kids. In early 2021 he released his latest album called Poet Priest and subsequently began writing Instagram posts in order to explain to the uninitiated the meaning behind his songs. This led to the rather insulting discovery that folks were more into his writing than his music. Springing from the fountains of Kerouac, Capon, Kanye and Woody Guthrie, Andy published a compilation of essays and icons called Poet Priest Volume 1 in December 2021, which is as much a design spectacle as it is a book. When he is not making music or writing Andy works as a pastor on staff at Queen City Church. In his spare time he likes to watch tv, write poetry, and go fishing for bass.