Ben Maddison

  • Ben Maddison

Ben Maddison is the pastor of a medium-sized church in suburban South Jersey, so his qualifications are dubious at best. He’s married to his long-suffering wife Ashley, who would really like to stop hearing about all his “hot takes” over dinner. (“No, Smashmouth is not the voice of a generation!”) He’s really into movies, but not in a pretentious way—more of a blind, gluttonous, consumptive sort of way. (This is why he loves any vehicle for the Rock and/or Kevin Hart.) He is currently a foster father to baby K and fur daddy to Roxy and Rufio. He’s been known to be loud, a bit “salty,” and definitely “way too much.” This has banned him from ever serving in the same diocese as Sarah Condon and made him a life-long enemy of Aaron Zimmerman. Ben still can’t believe Mockingbird prints his deepest secrets, personal failings, and hurts online. Who ever would’ve thought an awkward, blind friend date—setup by his grandmother-in-law—would lead him here?