Jason Micheli

  • Jason Micheli

Like a hipster dropped by Jesus into the middle of a Hallmark Original feel-good movie, Jason Micheli peppers the Christian faith with enough cynicism, sarcastic wit, and fart jokes to amuse even the most skeptical Gen-Xer (while wearing pressed polo shirts to reassure their parents). Unlike the penis jokes it contains, the title of his book, Cancer is Funny, was not his idea but his editor’s. Like a Luther-loving wolf let in among lambs, Jason is a United Methodist pastor outside DC. His popular podcast, Crackers and Grape Juice, is like Christian NPR but with even more white people. As would be expected of any graduate of UVA and Princeton, the only person Jason admires more than the Messiah is Jason. His new book, Living in Sin: Making Marriage Work Between I Do and Death, comes out in June.