Jeff Hual

  • Jeff Hual

Jeff Hual currently serves as rector of All Hallows Parish, South River, a suburb of Annapolis, Maryland.  He is a 2015 honors graduate of the Virginia Theological Seminary, but he credits Mockingbird with teaching him what he most needs to know (and be reminded of) in ministry (and in life): that God’s grace is freely given to everyone through Christ, even to a sinner like him. Jeff has been hanging around Mockingbird since the early days, having first attended the second NYC conference in 2009. He organized the first two Mockingbird mini-conferences ever, in 2010 and 2011, both at his home parish in Pensacola, Florida. When Jeff isn’t busy spreading the good news or editing the church bulletin, he enjoys playing the piano, cooking New Orleans cuisine and hanging out with his wife of 25 years, Kerry, and his son of 17 years, Jacob.