Jeff Mallinson

  • Jeff Mallinson

Jeff Mallinson (D.Phil., Oxford University) is Professor of Theology and Philosophy at Concordia University, Irvine. He is also Co-Host of the Virtue in the Wasteland podcast. He’s taught young people for two decades and served for several years in higher education administration, serving previously as Academic Dean at Trinity Lutheran College and Dean of Theology at Colorado Christian University. He is the author of, contributor to, or editor for several books and articles on topics ranging from sexual ethics to Reformation history. His most recent work is Sexy: The Quest for Erotic Virtue in Perplexing Times. While on sabbatical earlier this year, his research caused him to make some curious, radical changes in his life. He was studying the relationships between power, money, and the institutional church. This led him to take seriously Bob Marley’s call to “fight this holy Armageddeon.” First, this led him to try and live out his remaining years as an “overlander,” starting with a 4×4 Delica minivan for a few months over the summer, from Big Sur on the California Coast to the pristine streams of Montana. After a while though, vagabond life seemed not to be a reasonable, permanent solution. So he decided instead to buy a small off-grid ranch, where he could simply park his van, grow some crops, and get off the grid in a remote canyon in San Diego. There, he keeps coyotes away from chickens with his young boxer-doodle, and with the aid of his two sons who will graduate from college and high school next year.