Jordan Griesbeck

  • Jordan Griesbeck

Jordan is the Director of Family Ministries at Church of the Incarnation in Dallas, Texas. Formerly an ordained Presbyterian minister, he is now an aspirant to the priesthood in the Episcopal Church (his most dubious move since college, when he switched from “Business major” to “English major”).

Born and raised in Memphis, Tennessee, he has lived in four other states (Mississippi, Virginia, North Carolina, Missouri) and in two countries (the United States and Texas). He has authored zero books, though he does write a fledgling Substack called The Speed of Love, which seeks to encourage others to love the actual people in their actual lives. Along the way, he explores parenting, disability, time, what it means to “know God,” and our oft-misguided notions of “the good life.”

If anyone else thinks he has lots of hobbies, Jordan has more: running, golf, sauna, cold plunge, food, cocktails, watching all the sports and most of the shows. He is married to another English major, Emily, and together they have three children.