Katie Langston

  • Katie Langston

Katie Langston is a doubter by nature and a believer by grace. She grew up Mormon in Cache Valley, Utah, and still isn’t sure she fits in anywhere sophisticated enough to have a Target. She converted to Christianity after a profound experience with God’s grace changed her life.

Katie is the director of digital strategy for Faith+Lead at Luther Seminary, pastor of mission and outreach at New Promise Lutheran Church in St. George, Utah, co-host of the Enter the Bible podcast, and author of a spiritual memoir, Sealed: An Unexpected Journey into the Heart of Grace (Thornbush Press, 2021). She has a BA in Theatre from Utah State University (2002) and a Master of Divinity from Luther Seminary (2021).

Katie lives in Hurricane, Utah, with her husband, two daughters, and dogs Willow and Buffy (named, of course, after the Vampire Slayers).