Sarah Condon

  • Sarah Condon
Sarah Condon’s first ministry call was to be a hospital chaplain to alcoholics waiting on liver transplants. It was there that she learned to enjoy terrible coffee and a good John Wayne film at 8:30am. Later, she would officiate her first wedding at a restaurant called the Armadillo Palace. The bride’s grandfather saw Sarah walking down the aisle and said at full volume “Is that a lady priest?!” To which Sarah replied with the firing of a finger gun and the wink of an eye, “Sure is! And it still counts!” Six years into ministry, she still has no idea how to baptize a baby. But she and her husband Josh have two of them. And in her spare time she tries not to chastise herself for feeding them McDonald’s and for telling them (with a straight face) that the tooth fairy looks just like Nacho Libre.
Sarah is a regular contributor to Mockingbird.