Tasha Genck Morton

  • Tasha Genck Morton

Tasha Genck Morton is currently an associate pastor at Holy Trinity Lutheran Church in Lancaster, PA which was founded in 1730. Her claims to fame at her very old church include being the first pastor to give birth while serving and the first pastor to puke in the pulpit while in the middle of a very good sermon thus epically outing aforementioned pregnancy to the entire congregation. She is married to Adam Morton and has a 4 year old son known as The Gentleman whom many Mockingbird faithful will recognize through Adam’s documentation of his adventures on his Facebook page, his former appearances at the NYC Mockingbird Conference that included rushing the stage during his father’s talk in 2018, and a perfectly timed “YAY” during DZ’s 1517 talk in 2018. In her extremely limited spare time she enjoys movies, TV, reading, cooking, and doing her best to preach and receive grace upon grace