Todd Brewer

  • Todd Brewer
Todd Brewer serves as the editor for Mockingbird’s website. Prior to joining Mockingbird in 2020, he served in a variety of academic and pastoral roles, teaching at Manhattan College, General Seminary, and the Lindisfarne Partnership. He graduated from Durham University in 2015 with a Phd in New Testament Studies. His thesis, “Hermeneutics and Early Christian Gospels” is under contract for publication with Mohr Siebeck. Todd co-edited and wrote an essay for the second edition of the Cambridge Companion to the Gospels (2021) and is currently writing a book for Lexham Press on the New Testament scholar, Rudolf Bultmann. He’s written for Mockingbird for over a decade now, covering topics ranging from systematic theology, to Johnny Cash, T.S. Eliot, and Pixar. He also edited and contributed to the book, Comfortable Words: Essays in Honor of Paul F.M. Zahl.