Pre-Conference (11:30am on Thursday 4/27)

Thursday 4/27

5:30pm  –  Registration
7:00pm  –  Opening Welcome by Paul Zahl
7:30pm  –  “Rock n Roll All Night, Party Every Day: The Secret of Mockingbird’s Success” by Aaron Zimmerman
8:15pm  –  Dinner (click here to view menu)

Friday 4/28

8:15am  –  Registration
9:00am  –  Morning Talks

  • “Jackwagon Junction: The Losing Battle of Being in Charge” – Sarah Condon
  • “Hiding in Plain Sight: The Lost Doctrine of Sin” – Simeon Zahl

10:45am  –  Morning Breakouts

11:45am  –  Lunch (click here to view menu)
1:00pm  –  Afternoon Talks

  • “Sisyphus’s Inbox” – Oliver Burkeman
  • “Culture Against Culture” – William Deresiewicz

2:30pm  –  Afternoon Breakouts A

3:30pm  –  Afternoon Breakouts B

6:30pm  –  “The Raising of the Crucified One” by Fleming Rutledge
7:30pm  –  Dinner (click here to view menu)
9:00pm  –  EpiscoDisco: The Encore

Saturday 4/29

9:00am  –  Morning Talks

  • “ARCHITECT: Fellow & Failing” – Duo Dickinson
  • “Did It Have To Be Jesus?” – Nicole Cliffe

11:00am  –  “Another Decade Ends: The First 10 Years in Flight” by David Zahl
12:30pm  –  Book Table Closes

11:00am on Sunday 4/30  –  Post-Conference worship service at Calvary.


The Parish of Calvary ~ St. George’s is an historic Episcopal Church located in the Gramercy area of Manhattan. All conference events will take place in St. George’s Episcopal Church. This year, the registration tables will be set up at the entrance to the main sanctuary at 7 Rutherford Place (btw 16th and 17th Sts, a few blocks from the Union Square subway stops). You can also enter via the “St George’s Chantry” doors at 209 East 16th St. — signs will be in place to get you to the right place!